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sordid humor
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sordid is a published author living in the United States. He is poly, drinks too much, and has weird hobbies (like Argentine Tango and Horology). sordid has been active in the Harry Potter fandom since 2005 and is rather embarrassed by the whole thing.

Currently, he is developing several original novels. His writing focuses on sexuality, mental illness, intersectionalism, and survivorship. Mostly, he writes about how people have sex and tries to pass it off as literature.

His main work of fandom is the lengthy WIP Conscience which can be found here at livejournal as well as at AO3. A sex-less version is also posted for the squawling pre-teen profanum vulgus of fanfiction.net, where sordid goes entirely unnoticed because he is not writing mindless Twilight fics.

sordid humor betas for colakarmon, JaD and writtenmatrix.